Sunday, October 10, 2010

"New Look" rear bumpers

The next photos are of the only two bits of the J actually finished to date. They are the rear bumpers showing "before and after" shots. The bumpers had been severely accident damaged, but are now repaired with new Lucas reflectors fitted. The reflectors are shown upside down in the photos for ease of photography.

The "before":

And the "after":

Rolling chassis

The first photo is of the chassis loaded onto the trailer ready to send it off to have the exhaust made and fitted.

The next two are of the vehicle after the exhaust fitting, and back in the workshop ready to continue with the project work.

The rear dampers

When Kim first obtained this vehicle, it was fitted with ancient Wily/Monroe dampers. New dampers have been fitted to the rear axle, with the colour matching that of the originals.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Rebuilt accelerator shaft

At some stage the accelerator pedal had been broken off, however drivers continued to use the accelerator rod without the pedal until it was worn down, between shoe and floor, to a semi circle.

The photo shows the replacement pedal, patterned on the original and turned out of a black nylon material to simulate the original plastic (Bakelite?) pedal. The worn piece of accelerator shaft was cut off, just at the bend, and a new circular piece welded on before having the holes redrilled. Kim expects this modification to last a very long time.

Some time ago Kim bought a speedometer off ebay, which showed a recorded mileage of "1" on the clock. This speedo however was not working when purchased, but has since been overhauled. Kim hopes have the completed instrument binnacle completed soon.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

And more of the exhaust system

The manifold and exhaust system

The first photo shows the inlet manifold with the inch and a quarter SU carburettor setup, and the extractors Kim made up to fit the engine.

Not much room to fit it in! The down pipe actually sweeps forward slightly to pass at the widest point between the engine block and the chassis.

The muffler is close in shape to the original, and all of the bracketing was purpose-made to suit the new arrangement. Top job!

The fuel tank

The fuel tank, and the work done on it to make it better than new! The photo shows the external clean and it is yet to be steam cleaned inside. As well as this original tank, Kim will be fitting a long-range tank underneath, where the spare wheel carrier is. This should give about another nineteen gallons on top of the original six gallons.

The fuel tank has had the bolt holes redrilled and tapped to accommodate larger bolts after an original bolt sheared and was drilled out.

The front engine mounts

Kim has used Morris 1100 engine mounts, which match the original's round shape and are quite robust.

The reconstructed drive shaft

Pictured is a comparison of the Morris Major and Austin Westminster driveshafts which Kim has used in the reconstruction of a drive shaft to suit the van. This was necessary to join the Morris Major gear box at one end to the Austin Westminster differential at the other.

And this photo shows the finished article in the rolling chassis.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Morris J-Type Van interior light

So did the Morris Commercial J-Type 10cwt Van have an interior light factory-fitted from new? Kim says yes, it was made by Wilmot Breeden and sat on the driver’s side sliding door cover just behind the drivers head. Kim says that you may find the original two small fixing holes about three quarters of the way up toward the front of the panel.

The light is shown in a Morris JB parts manual he has, and Kim has seen the same light fitting (although broken) in an old Austin truck (3 tonner?) so it could be a standard BMC fitting.

And then there is this, from a 30 January 1952 supplement to the 'Motor Trader', on page vii. This is courtesy of Roly via the MCJTV group:

This shows that the interior light was a Wilmot Breeden 7/2205 light fitting with a 12V 6W festoon type bulb.