Saturday, October 9, 2010

Rebuilt accelerator shaft

At some stage the accelerator pedal had been broken off, however drivers continued to use the accelerator rod without the pedal until it was worn down, between shoe and floor, to a semi circle.

The photo shows the replacement pedal, patterned on the original and turned out of a black nylon material to simulate the original plastic (Bakelite?) pedal. The worn piece of accelerator shaft was cut off, just at the bend, and a new circular piece welded on before having the holes redrilled. Kim expects this modification to last a very long time.

Some time ago Kim bought a speedometer off ebay, which showed a recorded mileage of "1" on the clock. This speedo however was not working when purchased, but has since been overhauled. Kim hopes have the completed instrument binnacle completed soon.

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